Cost of Drinking

‘Never Again’ Inspiration: Hangover’s Cost Money

Of course we all know that a night out on the lash hits our wallets hard. And we might roll our eyes at the increasing cost of wine in the supermarket. But alcohol is so normalised, so encouraged in our society that it’s actually counted in the calculations for the Living Wage.

Is that…right? Does that not just help us justify our dangerous reliance upon it?

However you see it, alcohol and financial health are inextricably linked. And not in a positive way (unless you’re a corporation selling alcohol…!)

When we drink out, our inhibitions start fading away. Those inhibitions that not only stop you from holding your tongue but also from withholding your wallet. Suddenly you’re Mr or Ms Generous! Hey! Another round of shots on me folks!

And what about the journey home? Why not just stop at the off-licence and pick up a bottle of wine as a night cap? Or why not take a taxi instead of walk? Who cares! You only live once!

And then you wake up in the morning and you dread to think how much you spent. Money that last week you said you couldn’t afford to put towards that course, that holiday, that school trip for the kids. And now it’s gone in a haze of alcohol fuelled carelessness.

Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? We just care less when we drink.

But hangovers have their own cost, on top of a night out.

After reading Alex Holder’s fantastic book on talking about money (Open Up: The Power of Talking About Money) I found her Refinery29 article about the true cost of a hangover. And it’s not just a time cost guys, it’s financial.

I gave up drinking alcohol full stop over a year ago and whilst money wasn’t a factor, this has really made me realise how many hundreds – no, thousands – of pounds I’ve saved by not drinking.

I hope you enjoy her article and I highly recommend reading her book too, it will absolutely change the way you think about money and about how talking about it can make you wealthier.

Have a great weekend!

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