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    Boozy City Lunches No More?

    The pressure to drink alcohol just to excel in your job is a pretty shocking thing these days. High-flying London careers are infamous for it to the detriment of the very people those businesses rely on. This new Telegraph article is a fascinating insight into one man’s struggle with the traditional boozy client lunch stereotype and how he turned his life, and career, around. It’s behind the Telegraph’s paywall but you can register to read one article a month for free! Read the article here!  

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    Giving Up Alcohol to Find Everything Just Gets Easier

         *This story was originally published on Medium. To read it there, head here*   I don’t have a glowing history with alcohol but at the same time, it’s not a stand-out, rock-bottom type of history either. In fact, it’s pretty normal. I drank at parties in school and I drank my way through my degree. It was normal, everyone I knew was heavily inebriated at least several times a week at university. But while some of my friends could be singing 90s hits at 3am and still present a reasonably studious face at a 9am lecture – I would be hiding under the duvet, wishing I was someone…