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    A Day Out at the Mindful Drinking Festival

    The Mindful Drinking Festival – a happy review When I read about the Mindful Drinking Festival, I was pretty surprised. Not that such a thing should exist per se – because these days there are festivals for absolutely everything. But that it should be so well attended by both major brands and tiny brands a like. Whatever it was going to be like, I decided I had to go.   Right in the middle of the Great Heatwave of 2018, I sweltered down the street from Liverpool Street tube to Old Spitalfields Market. I heard the pumping music before I even rounded the corner and found a little pop-up festival…

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    Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival 2018

    The thing about drinking alcohol is that it’s a community activity. You’ve always got a friend if you’re opening the bottle and pubs and bars are some of the most sociable places it’s possible to be. That’s why it’s easy to feel isolated when you give up drinking. One of the first things I did when I decided to finally give up for good, was to look up events centred around not drinking. As much as there are plenty of events that don’t involve alcohol, what I wanted was to meet other people who had also decided to give up, for any reason whatsoever.