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The New Non-Alcoholic Beers in Major Supermarkets

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little fed up of only having a couple of choices of non-alcoholic beers. Especially when there are some really fantastic ones out there.

So I was massively excited when Big Drop Brewery announced last week that their beers were going to be stocked in Big Tescos (ha, Tesco Extra if you want to be official about it) from this Monday.

I took a trip.

The trend of non-alcoholic beers is on the up

When I got there, not only were Big Drop beers for sale, but also Free Damm cans of 0.0% lager. These appear to be so new to the store that the self-service checkout couldn’t even find them and the cashier was most surprised when it came up as £2 for 6 330ml cans.

I was pretty stoked – I mean….drinking non-alcoholic beers means you avoid all the associated tax on alcoholic beer.

I also discovered that BrewDog have released a new product – raspberry sour alcohol free beer. I’m yet to try it although it is sitting in my kitchen awaiting testing.

Yesterday I also saw that Nirvana Brewery has announced that Marks and Spencer will be stocking their alcohol-free beers from the 25th September. It just gets better and better!

Massively improved selection

Previously these types of craft AF beer were almost impossible to find in supermarkets and now it seems that the big chains are cottoning on to the fact that plenty of people don’t drink and are very keen on having delicious choices. Not just Becks Blue :-/

Free Damm is actually very good, probably one of my favourite non-alcoholic lagers now along with Big Drop’s Lager. They’re often canned too – I know a lot of people prefer bottled beer but I’ve always liked cans. I think the £2 for 6 was a special introductory offer but even if it doubles it’s a good price.

Infinite Sessions is another new AF beer brand in the UK and we absolutely love them. They’re for sale in Sainsbury’s, M&S and other supermarkets as well as here on Amazon if you’d like them delivered straight to your door!

Last week I tried Nosecco from Sainsbury’s, a non-alcoholic Prosecco that was leaps and bounds better than Aldi’s Zero Point Zero Prosecco. That was drinkable, but Nosecco was brilliant. If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, I highly recommend it.

If you’re in the US and want to know about the non-alcoholic breweries that are getting big over your way, check out our new article on American AF breweries.

Have you found any exciting alcohol-free beers or wines in supermarkets recently? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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