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Alcohol Free Breweries in the UK

With the increase in demand for non-alcoholic beers, it’s not surprising that breweries up and down the country have been developing alcohol free versions of their beers. What is surprising though, is the invention of alcohol free breweries.

So in that vein, here’s a round up of the UKs alcohol free specialist breweries;

big drop brewery

Big Drop Brewing Company

I discovered Big Drop beers at a branch of the Stable restaurants. They’ve been going since 2016 and have a small but delicious range of beers from pale ale and lager to stout and spiced ale. I’ve only tried the pale ale and lager but both are excellent and outstanding beers in their own right.

Big Drop produce beers that have a 0.5% or less ABV – the same as BrewDog’s Nanny State alcohol free beer. (Read out guide to get a better understanding of 0.05% and 0.5% ABV)

Big Drop beers are difficult to find in pubs and bars but are stocked in All Bar One, Castle Pubs and Draft Works (a London chain). You can also buy them online through Amazon, DryDrinker and Light Drinks.

infinite sessions

Infinite Sessions Brewery

I love the tagline for Infinite Sessions – ‘AF beer, not boring as AF’

Infinite are a brand new company for 2018 and currently only have one beer, a pale ale at 0.5% ABV. We’re excited to try this one (and not just because it looks cool) so stay tuned for a review.

infinite sessions brewery

Nirvana Brewery

Based in Walthamstow, Nirvana have a small and perfectly formed range of low and no-alcohol beers between 0% and 1.0% ABV. Their range covers IPA, Pale Ale and Stout with five so far. They were the first of the UK’s alcohol free breweries and are becoming more and more well known as the years go by.

You can visit their taproom on site to find out more about their brewing process or order online.

If you want to know more, here’s a great article on about visiting Nirvana Brewery.

nirvana breweries


Want to know more about alcohol percentages in an industry where 0.5% means alcohol free? Read our post on How to Understand the 0.5% and 0.05% Percentages.

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