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Alcohol Free Breweries Making Waves in the U.S

The Soberists is based in the UK but if we know one thing, it’s that US and UK cultures have a sibling-based bond. What happens here can usually be seen over there and vice versa. Sometimes the US comes up with cool stuff we see and think, ‘hey! We want a piece of that!’ and sometimes things happen here in the UK and the US follow swiftly behind.

Breweries creating purely alcohol free beer are really starting to take off here in Britain so we thought we’d have a peek at what the US is up to in this sphere. A lot of these breweries are still small and they’re difficult or impossible to find in bars nationwide.  But if you’re searching for where to buy non alcoholic beer online, these babies are your first port of call!

Here are the alcohol free breweries in the US that seem to be making pretty big waves.

Athletic Brewing Co

Like most of the non-alcoholic beer industry, the Athletic Brewing Co is just a baby, founded in 2017. It’s founder, Bill Shufelt, re-evaluted his health on the brink of turning 30 and realised alcohol no longer fitted into his goals. But where were the alternatives?

Like many upstart Millennials, he thought he’d better do it himself. And by god did he do it. The company launched their craft alcohol free beer with a sporting angle. As in, you want to get fit and be sporty? Can’t do that with a hangover!

Their brand video really speaks to the heart of their ethos in both striving in life and striving in their products. It’s clever and it’s uplifting in a way that alcoholic companies fail. They don’t use marketing to uplift us, they use marketing to tell us that we’re losers with no friends if we don’t get drunk. The Athletic Brewing Co do the opposite, they show us life and effort and glory.

And if that’s not a reason to try out their alcohol free beers, we don’t know what is.


Bravus Brewing Company

Bravus is another purely non-alcoholic brewery based in Orange County, California who have the same mentality – beer is great but it doesn’t make you feel great deep down – so, much like Athletic, they started a brewery to produce delicious beers without the hangover.

Founder Phil Brandes started out, as so many of the best stories do, in his garage at home. Put off by the grim flavours of the few token alcohol free beers available, he vowed he could do better. And it certainly looks like he did. Bravus ship to all US States and are looking into shipping internationally.


Partake Brewing Company 

Partake brewing company

Okay! Hand’s up! This one is actually Canadian. But they ship to the US and they sound super cool so we’re including them anyway!

Partake’s founder Ted Fleming gave up alcohol due to a medical condition but he still wanted to enjoy beer. But like the other non-alcoholic brewing company founders, he just couldn’t find any good ones. So he started his own brewery and the first of its kind in Canada.

Partake have some pretty funky branding and their beers look delicious. It’s still a really tiny brewery but its distribution is expanding.


Wellbeing Brewing Company

wellbeing brewery

Wellbeing’s founder Jeff Stevens hints that his relationship with alcohol was not a healthy one. But he was a big fan of going to bars with friends and watching live music. And there are only so many cans of soda one can drink. With his wife, he runs the Wellbeing Brewing Company which might sound like a wishy washy name, but they make up for it with some pretty fierce can designs!

When we looked, all of their beers were sold out online – so they must be pretty popular! They’re due back in stock soon though and they say they ship ‘everywhere’ although we have a sneaking suspicion this means ‘everywhere in the USA’.

Surreal Brewing Company 

surreal brewing company

Based in California, Surreal is another completely non-alcoholic brewing company run by a husband and wife team who wanted to ditch the drink. Surreal have a borderline medieval kind of branding going on but it actually makes their beers stand out in an industry awash with hipster, clean looking logos.

They ship anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii and have some pretty incredible reviews. We’re just sad that they’re not shipping over here yet!

We have a lot of US readers on our site so we hope you guys are busy trying out all these amazing looking breweries! If you have any recommendations, do share them in the comments or let us know what you think of these!


  • Jonathan

    I recently gave up alcohol for good and, being in Canada was able to order Partake online with free shipping. Their Pale Ale is good, but the IPA is a m a z i n g.
    Very ecouraging that I can get my hop fix and stay sober! Heineken 0.0 has slso been a very pleasant surprise. Love your blog btw, keep up the good work.

    • Kira Holness

      Thanks Jonathan and glad you’ve found such a delicious drink! It’s so great to hear that there are genuinely delicious alcohol free beers out there and the industry is growing.

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