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Adrian Chiles’ Top 10 Alcohol Free Beer

Adrian Chiles’s documentary¬†Drinker’s Like Me has got a lot of press over the past few weeks and has become a major talking point. Since the age of 15 he’s been drinking and by drinking I mean¬†drinking.

But he never thought of it as a problem.

Until he started adding up the units.

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He was putting away a week’s worth of units a night. Most nights. The documentary is fascinating because it represents the drinking habits of many. Like Adrian Chiles, so many of us have no idea the sheer quantity of alcohol we’re consuming.

After the third drink, who’s counting?

Adrian’s issue was that his mammoth drinking was almost invisible to him. He never drank in the morning, didn’t wake up in strange places and never offended anyone. So how could he be drinking too much?

The programme is a big wake up call and shows that heavy drinking isn’t just the realm of down and outs as we’ve all been lead to believe. It’s our problem. It’s the problem of normal people who get up at 7am and go to work perfectly fine.

It’s the problem of those who get home after a normal day and crack open a bottle of something. And then another. And another.

It’s not something to be ashamed of, but it is something that we can change.

He published a great piece in the Guardian today on his top 10 favourite non-alcoholic beers.

Have a read and tell us what your favourite AF beer is!

Adrian Chiles’ top 10 alcohol free beer on The Guardian.

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